Quordle will never fail to impress you with its familiar concept of guessing hidden words together with a colorful interface. You will understand why it has gained popularity worldwide once you play the first match.

Let’s dive in to learn further information on the rules and tips to win the game without difficulty. Get ready and start right away!

What Is The Quordle Game?

Quordle is a wonderful word-based game, giving you a great time enjoying the game while learning new words. You can expect to take your playing experience to the next level.

Although this game resembles Wordle in format, it differs regarding the number of secret words and guessing times. You are given four hidden words and have nine attempts to answer them all to become the winner.

You will find Quordle more thrilling than other versions since it requires you to solve four words in a limited number of moves. You will feel rushed during each round, wishing to develop the best idea without wasting your guessing chances.

What Rules Does Quordle Have?

Since you have four missing keywords to guess, you will see your answer applied to them every time you submit a letter. Based on the color hint after each guess, you will know how close you are to the final goal.

The rules of color-changing options are similar to the original Wordle game. The boxed letter will turn green if your answer is in the word and placed in the right position.

When you notice the yellow color, switch the position of your predicted letter, as you guessed it at the wrong spot. Meanwhile, the gray color shows that your answer doesn’t belong to the word.

Tips For An Unforgettable Round

Be Careful With The First Move

The first guess is important because it will decide the foundation of other moves, leading to your success or failure. That’s why it would be helpful to choose common words, including both familiar vowels and consonants, to narrow down your next choices.

Remember that the starting move will help you understand mysterious words clearly. Under no circumstances should you make a random guess, or you will risk your winning goal.

Get Help From Searching Tools

Answering four correct words is not a piece of cake, especially when you run out of ideas and guessing attempts. It is advisable to use reliable websites like Google or online dictionaries for your best solution.


After reading the article, we hope you can overcome all word challenges of Quordle. If you wish to win each round easily, combining both knowledge of all fields and logical-thinking skills is highly recommended.

Thanks to this brilliant title, you can simultaneously test your vocabulary and enjoy a fun game in your leisure time. We bet that you will love the charming features of Quordle the moment you opt for your first round.