Crosswords were once a popular pastime to blow up your mind until interactive games captured the hearts of Internet users. However, times changed with the advent of Wordle.

The game rose to fame last year, and mysterious keywords have become a prominent topic on social networking platforms until now. Scroll down to learn more about it.

Wordle - A Funnier & Harder Version Of Crosswords

Josh Wardle planted the seed of Wordle as a just-because gift to his partner. After widening the circle of influence and gaining considerable love for this product, the founder made some adjustments and published it on the Internet.

Unexpectedly, the game quickly gained traction and became a phenomenon by the end of 2021. So far, Wordle has maintained its popularity and succeeded in building a large fanbase with more than 300,000 members.

How To Play Wordle Game

Most players believe that Wordle's fame comes from its simplicity, and this statement holds true. The gameplay is straightforward, as the main format focuses on solving a mysterious 5-letter keyword. This does not mean a boring task similar to the old-fashioned crosswords.

The difficulty levels up since participants only have a maximum of 6 turns to find the answer. The faster you work, the cooler you are. However, you come across an empty grid when you join the main interface.

This setting entails your second problem: there are no hints in the first place. You must enter the words to gather as many clues as possible for your brainstorming.

Now focus on the main point! The system displays hints through a basic color scheme: green, yellow, and gray. The first option shows you have successfully unlocked a letter.

If the tiles turn yellow, consider another spot for the current character. Last but not least, remove the gray letter from your pool of possibilities and come back with other better choices.

Two Important Notes Before Going Into Wordle Unlimited

Build Your Own Strategy

What makes this game stand out is the poverty of turns that forces players to prepare a wise strategy before starting. Since the game became famous, it has been easy to find detailed instructions on Google to nail daily challenges. If you have no ideas, consider our tips:

  • Start with words that contain many vowels
  • Add common consonants first, including N, M, L, T, etc.
  • Refer to US vocabulary
  • Cheating is fine
  • Trials And Errors

    A strategy is important, but you can never map it out the first time. For example, you can find dozens of the best Wordle starters recommended by experts and professional players. The question is: which one is for you?

    Finding the answer by learning from the failures gives you the correct answer. Pick a random word and try it for a few days. A statistics table after matches shows a performance comparison and leads you to the best option.


    As the premise for advanced spin-offs, Wordle ushered in a new era for word-guessing games. We, newbies, adapt well to this game, gain experience and build a wise strategy. All you accumulate is the best weapon to enter the game.